Not all teeth can just be extracted in a simple visit. There are many that are easy to remove. Some of them may have to be removed by a dental surgeon, such as wisdom teeth. There are a lot of different teeth that can be difficult to completely remove. Some of them may have broken off so the dentist is unable to get a grip on them. When this happens, it may be necessary to cut the gum to remove them and this is where they have to call in someone else to do the job. Click

Usually when this is required, it will be necessary to schedule another appointment. Not all dentists are going to be qualified to do this job. There are many different kinds of things that are going to have to be done for the removal of some teeth so that the patient is not in as much pain.

If several are being removed, it can be very painful too. Wisdom teeth are also very difficult to remove. Most people will end up having their wisdom teeth removed because of lack of room or because these teeth are not as good as the others.

When all of the teeth are removed, a patient will usually get dentures or something else. They may get dental implants. Most patients do not go without any teeth at all. The dentures are going to be fit perfectly to their mouth when impressions are taken.


A dental surgeon has several techniques that they can use. Most patients are going to feel the pain afterwards until they heal. They will be able to give general anaesthesia so that the patient does not feel a thing while the procedure is being performed.

When teeth are already bad, it is likely that the gums are already very tender from gum disease. Before any teeth get removed, they will have to ensure that there is not any infection because it can spread. Antibiotics are going to be required.

Every kind of procedure that gets done, other than cleanings, at a dentist office will usually require some sort of anaesthetic. It is important to use the proper amount for each patient. A general dentist is going to give shots of Novocaine or use a type of a gas to make the patient comfortable. A general surgeon has the authority to use something that will put them to sleep if necessary.


Every patient is going to need different treatments when they are being treated. The treatment plan will be in place before any major procedures are started. Patients will know the cost and be able to schedule the appointments accordingly.

It can be difficult when appointments have to be scheduled around a job. Many procedures that require a tooth to be pulled or oral surgery is not something that anyone is going to want to return to work that day. Many people will be off work for a few days following the procedure.


Nothing will be done until the x-rays have been taken and any other tests have been done. The patient’s medical history is going to be taken into consideration when preparing a patient for procedures too. Some patients do not do as well with certain medications as other patients do.

Every dental surgeon will be doing procedures that involve the teeth and jaws. There are a lot of different things that they will do. Some of it is done one time and they are done but other procedures have to be done in steps so they will need to schedule many different appointments. Some of them cannot be done until the first step heals properly.



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